William J. Burke Ph.D.


My research adviser was David Auslander, and our research focused on the design and control of large scale distributed energy systems. Specifically, we were researching intelligent thermostats that automatically respond to an external control signal, like real-time electricity price, with the goal of obtaining an aggregate power demand with desirable characteristics.

Selected Publications

Published Patents

  • System And Method For Managing Cold Load Pickup Using Demand Response, Black J., Johal H., Manz D., Walling R., Burke W.J., General Electric Company, US8600573 B2, 12/3/2012.
    Google Patent link

Conference Papers

  • Energy Usage Patterns in Fielded Smart Appliances, McIntryre, M., Burke, W.J., Latham, J., Graham, J., 29th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, March 2014.
  • Real-time Dynamic House Thermal Model Identification for Predicting HVAC Energy Consumption, Wen, Y., Burke, W.J., IEEE 2013 Green Technologies Conference, April 2013.
    paper (pdf)
  • PWM Synchronization for Intelligent Agent Scarce Resource Auction, Burke, W. J., and Auslander, D. M., ASME 2009 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, October 2009.
    paper (pdf), presentation (pdf)
  • Residential Electricity Auction with Uniform Pricing and Cost Constraints, Burke, W. J., and Auslander, D. M., IEEE 2009 North American Power Symposium, October 2009.
    paper (pdf), presentation (pdf)
  • Low-frequency pulse width modulation design for HVAC compressors, Burke, W. J., and Auslander, D. M., The ASME 2009 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences, August 2009.
    paper (pdf), presentation (pdf)
  • Modular and extensible systemic simulation of demand response networks, Burke, W. J., and Auslander, D. M., CIGRE Canada Conference on Power Systems, October 2008.
    paper (pdf), presentation (pdf)
  • Robust control of residential demand response network with low bandwidth input, Burke, W. J., and Auslander, D. M., ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, October 2008.
    paper (pdf), presentation (pdf)

Magazine Articles

  • Residential Load Managing Products in Smart Grid, Smith, C., Burke, W.J., NEMA Electro Industry, June 2012.
  • Developing Affordable Smart Thermostats, Burke, W. J., and Auslander, D.M., Home Energy, January/February 2008 Issue.
    restricted link, paper (pdf)

Standalone Presentations

  • Supporting Cold Load Pickup with Demand Response, 2011 National Town Hall Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid, Washington, DC., July 13 – 14, 2011.
    presentation (pdf)
  • Price Responsive Loads -- Simulation Results, Presented at California Energy Commission in Sacramento CA, December 14, 2009.
    presentation (pdf)

Research Project Sites

Research Code Pages

  • jRonSim -- Java version of the Residential Occupied Neighborhood Simulation. Open-source Berkeley Software License
  • TranRunJLite -- Simplified Java version of sequential multi-tasking for real-time control and simulation. Open-source Berkeley Software License